这,就是美科 This is the Corolla   意气风发,扬帆起航 Set sail with high spirit 2003年7月,一个骄阳似火的夏季,企业创始人陈自军(Jimchan)、王水财带领11位员工组建了美科的创业团队,在这个960平米的铁皮厂房里,年轻的创业团队意气风发雄心勃勃,要做最好最专业的蛋糕展示柜。 In July 2003, Jim Chan and Wang Shuicai led 11 members and started the Corolla startup team against the scorching heat. In the 960-m2 iron sheet workshop, the young team was high spirited and determined to manufacture the best and the most professional cake display cases. 坚忍不拔,终有所成 Perseverance finally pays off 2004年,从零开始,艰难起步,凭着坚忍不拔的毅力和坚守品质的信念,年轻的美科终于迎来了创业阶段的第一个春天,直至今日美科将这种宝贵品质一直延续并注入到企业的灵魂中。在与印度尼西亚GEA集团公司几次合作中,美科以精准的企业定位、优质的产品,一流的服务表现出了一个小公司独有的生机和活力,深深吸引了GEA公司并向美科抛出了橄榄枝,作为印度尼西亚最大的商用制冷设备进口商及销售商,GEA公司毅然注资20万美金与美科合资,为美科的发展注入了新的血液。 Tenacious and quality focused, the young Corolla starting from scratch finally embraced the first spring in 2004 since its startup, and has been infusing such tenacity and quality focus into its soul. After several partnerships with GEA Indonesia, Corolla demonstrated the unique vigor and vitality of a small business with accurate corporate positioning, quality products and first-rate service. Winning the favor of Indonesia’s largest commercial refrigeration machine importer and distributor, Corolla was handed the olive branch and invested with USD 200,000 by GEA Indonesia. This investment has injected new blood into Corolla’s development. 同年,美科决定创办自已玻璃制造公司,以解决市面上没有符合美科高要求生产蛋糕展示柜主要部件的障碍, 2004年5月,公司总经理陈自军(Jimchan)与合伙人王水财、向南风,在一间不足300平米的厂房内创办了百年玻璃制品有限公司,并成功研发出一种适用于全气候类型及不同海拔高度的发热中空玻璃组件,为美科专业制造高品质蛋糕展示柜提供了强有力的保障。 In the same year, Corolla decided to found its own glass manufacturing company to resolve the problem of no conforming highly-functional main parts for cake display cases. In May 2004, General Manager Jim Chan, and partners Wang Shuicai and Xiang Nanfeng established the Bainian Glass Products Co., Ltd. in a workshop less than 300 m2. A heating hollow glass module suitable for all climates and different elevations was developed, providing a strong support for Corolla’s manufacturing of high quality cake display cases. 出类拔萃,斩获良机 Excel and win the opportunity 2005年,美科开发了预调冷饮机系列产品,首创了同步电机在冷饮机械上的应用,同年4月美科凭借预调冷饮机在春交会崭露头角并一举成为业界的标杆,并吸引了全世界最优秀的冰淇淋制造商意大利CARPIGIANI观展人员的眼球,展会后不久,CARPIGIANI就派出了高层管理对美科进行了多次实地考察,并就雪融机由美科以OEM方式代工达成初步意向,2005年12月美科就收到了来自CARPIGIANI运营总裁GINO先生的盛情邀请。 In 2005, Corolla developed the preset cold drink machine series, and made the pioneering attempt of applying synchronous motors to cold drink machines. In April 2005, Corolla made a figure in the spring Canton Fair (now known as China Import and Export Fair) for the preset cold drink machines and became an industrial benchmark. Drawing the attention of CARPIGIANI, the world’s best ice cream maker from Italy, Corolla was visited by CARPIGIANI management soon after the fair. After several field trips, CARPIGIANI reached a MOU with Corolla in regard to OEM partnership. In December 2005, Corolla received the invitation from Mr. GINO, COO of CARPIGIANI. 2006年2月,总经理陈自军(Jimchan)与主管技术的合伙人王水财应邀在德国观看了KELON家电展后前往位于意大利博洛尼亚的CARPIGIANI总部,这家公司有着一百多年的历史和拥有自己的冰淇淋大学,并享誉世界最优秀的冰淇淋机制造工厂,他们接受进行了为期近一个月的有关雪融机和冰淇机制造技术的强化培训。培训结束后CARPIGIANI当即与美科签订了有关加工制造雪融机的合作协议,此后数年美科一直就是CARPIGIANI在全球唯一的雪融机供应商。为提高美科的制冷技术、工艺以确保美科雪融机的供货品质,2006年5月CARPIGIANI派出两名资深工程师进驻美科近两个月并对美科团队在制冷技术和生产制造管理方面进行了近三个月的实地培训,这使美科的制冷工艺和技术突飞猛进,成为了行业的佼佼者。 After participating in the KELON Confortec in February 2006, General Manager Jim Chan and technical partner Wang Shuicai headed towards CARPIGIANI Headquarters in Bologna, Italy on invitation. The century-old company has its own ice cream college and the world’s best ice cream maker factory. After one-month intensive training of Jim Chan and Wang Shuicai on granita machine and ice cream maker manufacturing technologies, CARPIGIANI immediately singed the cooperation agreement with Corolla in regard to processing and manufacturing granita machines. For years afterwards, Corolla has been CARPIGIANI’s only granite machine provider in the world. To improve Corolla’s refrigeration technologies and techniques to ensure the quality of granita machines, CARPIGIANI sent two senior engineers to Corolla in May 2006 for two-month field training on Corolla’s refrigeration technologies and manufacturing management. The training has allowed Corolla to advance rapidly in refrigeration technologies and techniques and become an industrial leader. 飞速发展,初具规模 Develop rapidly into a large business 2007年,随着美科快速的发展,即使每平米的产值已达到1.7万元,但原有厂房都已经无法满足公司发展需要了,于是6月,公司决定搬迁至东升一家2800平米的厂房,百年玻璃厂也同时搬迁至东升裕民工业区,总面积扩大至6000平米,总人数增加至60多人。 With rapid development, Corolla realized an output value of RMB 17,000 per square meter in 2007, making the original plant unable to meet corporate development demand. In June 2007, Corolla was relocated to a plant of 2,800 square meters in Dongsheng. Bainian Glass was also moved to Dongsheng Yumin Industrial Park. By then, Corolla had expanded the business area to 6,000 square meters and total employees to 60 persons. 搬迁后,公司随即进行了企业内部管理改革,企业组织架构初具雏形,管理模式步入正规, ERP供应链管理的导入,为公司规模化的营运管理做出了长远规划。 After the relocation, Corolla unfolded internal management reform and built the organizational structure preliminarily. With the management model heading towards standardization and the introduction of ERP supply chain management, Corolla has made a long-term plan for scale-based operation management. 行业黑马,一鸣惊人  Amaze the industry as a dark horse 2008年,高瞻远瞩的美科就开始了探索产品制造专业化的事业部管理模式,并决定成立冷饮机械事业部和烘焙设备事业部。冷饮机械系列和蛋糕展示柜在事业部的管理模式下,生产效率,技术研发、工艺改进以及品质控制均得到前所未有的提升。并成功获得了《一种具有保温效果的透明双层桶》和《一种具有自动平衡功能的毛细管分液装置》两项实用新型专利和数项外观专利。 In 2008, the visionary Corolla started to explore the business unit management model for professional product manufacturing, and decided to establish Cold Drink Machine Business Unit and Baking Equipment Business Unit. Under the business unit management model, the cold drink machines and cake display cases were unprecedentedly improved in productivity, technical development, process improvement and quality control. Furthermore, Corolla was awarded several product design patents and two utility model patents—“A Transparent Double-deck Bucket with Thermal Insulation” and “A Self-Balancing Capillary Liquid Separation Device”. 同年,公司决定开拓国内市场,参加了广州“第十四届国际酒店用品展”,美科蛋糕展示柜一经亮相,新颖的设计技压群雄,优质的工艺在国内都可谓首屈一指,迅速树立了国内市场头牌地位。 In the same year, the company decided to open up the domestic market, so we took park in the 14th International Hotel Supplies Exhibition in Guangzhou. The debut of cake display cases of Corolla has astonished the audiences with novel design and domestic leading technologies. Rapidly, Corolla established a leading position in the domestic market. 在探索企业现代化管理的道路上,美科一直坚持为客户提供高品质的产品和优质的服务,一直坚持企业可持续性为首要,成为了当时商业制冷行业中的行业传奇。在当年全球金融危机大背景下,公司营业额不仅没受影响,相反比去年同期增长400%以上,在整个行业中,《中山日报》、《广州日报》同步对此事件进行了专题报道,据海关数据统计,美科在2008年中山市出口增长额排名中名列第四。 During the process to study modern enterprise management, Corolla has always stuck to offering high-quality products and services for clients and adhered to the principle of sustainable development, making itself a legend in commercial refrigeration industry at that time. Although the whole world was suffering from financial crisis, the company was exempted from the influence in its turnover. On the contrary, the turnover increased over 400% on a year-on-year basis. There were theme reports in Zhongshan Daily, Guangzhou Daily and industrial newspapers. According to the statistics of the Customs, Corolla was ranked at the fourth place for export growth in Zhongshan in 2008. 专业精工,威名显赫 Profession and fine workmanship lead to impressive fame 2009年,对市场趋势一向敏锐的美科又一次抢占先机,开始制定企业个性化及可持续性发展双战略。为此,美科不惜斥资千万元购置先进的大功率光纤激光切割机和进口AMADA数控折弯机,极大地提高了钣金加工的品质和生产效率;在蛋糕展示柜的生产上,率先使用流水线生产,让员工劳动强度大为降低,生产效率、员工收入和产品品质的一致性大幅度提高;技术改进上通过了《一种雾化的方法处理化霜水的装置》,同年企业厂房面积增长至近10000平米,员工近百人,蛋糕展示柜产销均达4000台以上,冷饮机械产销超3000台,深加工玻璃产销超13000平米。 In 2009, Corolla, which was sensitive to the market trend, grasped the opportunity as usual. It began to develop individualized and sustainable development strategy. To this regard, Corolla spent tens of millions RMB to introduce high-power fiber laser cutting machine and AMADA CNC bending machine, which greatly improved the quality and productivity of sheet metal processing. It also took the lead to produce cake display cases in assembly line, reducing work load of employees greatly and improving productivity, salary of employees and product quality to a larger extent. Regarding technical improvement, An Atomized Frost Water Treatment Device was approved. In the same year, the factory was enlarged to nearly 10,000 square meters with nearly 100 employees. Over 4,000 sets of cake display cases were manufactured and sold and over 3,000 sets of cold drink machines were manufactured and sold. In addition, over 13,000 square meters of deep-processed glass were produced and sold. 美科的这一举措不但让企业摆脱了市场同质化竞争的行列,同时让个性化订制走向标准化,为行业发展做出表率作用。 The strategy of Corolla did not only help it get rid of homogenized competition in the market, but also make individualized customization standardized, establishing an example for the industrial development. 如日中天 大成美科 Influential Corolla like the sun at high noon 2010年,美科朝着专业精工,自主创新的新高度攀升,为此企业斥资建立了国家级的空调性能和热量实验室,并专门组建了研发团队,成功研发出了全新的雪融奶昔机、多功能热饮机系列产品,为公司经营多元化和事业部产品制造专业化奠定坚实的基础;同时美科也在积极探索企业现代化管理中的供应链和物流问题,提出构建立体重力式仓库和在ERP供应链管理模块下实现物料配送的理念。这年,美科完成了国内市场拓展的宏图,海外销售更是遍布全球。 In 2010, Corolla moved towards the direction of profession, fine workmanship, and independent innovation, for which the company made a big investment to build an air-conditioning performance and thermal energy lab at national level, and establish a dedicated R&D team, which has successfully developed brand-new milk shake machine and multi-functional hot drink machine, laying down solid foundation for the company’s diversified operations and the professional manufacturing of the business division. Meanwhile, Corolla also actively studied supply chain and logistics in modern business management, and proposed the concept of establishing gravity warehouse and delivering materials under ERP supply chain management module. This year, Corolla accomplished the grand planning to explore domestic market and distribute business overseas. 美科出品 必属精品 Exquisite Products from Corolla 2011年,美科着手产品质量体系的建立,获得了ISO9001质量管理体系认证,并先后通过GS、CE、ETL等产品专业认证,使公司产品质量迈向了一个新的台阶,同年公司获得了“中国优质制造商”称号.并于当年通过了《一种用雾法的方法处理化霜水的装置》实用新型专利。公司年销售已突破6000万。 In 2011, Corolla started the establishment of quality system and obtained ISO9001 quality management system certificate, GS, CE, ETL and other professional certificates, pushing the quality of products to a new stage. In the same year, the company was awarded “China Premium Manufacturer” and acquired a utility model patent for An Atomized Frost Water Treatment Device. The company has exceeded the annual sales revenue of RMB 60 million. 智能服务 行业先驱 Smart Service, Pioneer of the Industry 2012年,美科率先提出产品全生命周期智能制造与智能服务(PLM)概念,旨在为整个制冷行业提供一套产品智能制造、产品品质智能控制、产品智能服务的解决方案。同年与华中科技大学的机械工程学院携手合作,正式启动了全生命周期项目。为配合该项目顺利实施,公司高层决定进军控制系统领域并成立中山美科智能技术有限公司。中山美科智能技术有限公司的成立为实现产品智能制造、品质智能控制、产品售后智能服务、产品海量性能数据分析和产品性能优化提供了坚实的基础。 In 2012, Corolla took the lead to propose the concept of full life cycle smart manufacturing and smart service (PLM) with an aim to offering a set of smart product manufacturing, smart quality control, and smart product service solution for the refrigeration industry. In the same year, it cooperated with Mechanical Engineering School of Huazhong University of Science and Technology to launch the full life cycle project officially. In order to implement this project smoothly, the executives of the company decided to start business in control system and established Zhongshan Corolla Smart Technology Co., Ltd. The establishment of Zhongshan Corolla offered a solid foundation to smart manufacturing, smart quality control, smart post-sale service, product performance data analysis and product performance optimization. 当年也获得了《巧克力机出料龙头》、《雪蓉机出料龙头》等数项实用新型专利。 That year, the company acquired several utility model patents like Chocolate Machine Ejection Faucet and Snow Melting Machine Ejection Faucet. 大家风范 成就经典 Classics achieved by great master 2013年,美科搬入了近30000平米的新厂房,为保证企业的高效管理、精细管理和可控管理,美科在ERP供应链管理模块的基础上成功应用了MRP生产制造模块,配送式的物料供应管理模式就此实现和成功应用。 In 2013, Corolla relocated to a new factory with an area of nearly 30,000 square meters. In order to maintain efficient management, lean management and controllable management, Corolla applied MRP production and manufacturing module on the basis of ERP supply chain management module successfully. The delivery-based material supply management mode was thus achieved and succeeded.   美科研发团队历时近两年研究和上线验证,一套与ERP企业管理软件相辅相成的PLM产品智能制造和智能服务的WEB 管理平台成功完成,开启了美科产品智能制造和智能服务与物联网、大数据结合的新纪元。当年公司先后通过了《基于WEB的制冷设备全生命周期智能生产与维护系统》、《一种冷饮设备的料桶出料结构》和《一种应用新型搅拌系统》等多项实用新型和发明专利。多项实用新型技术的应用使美科的冷饮机械产品各项性能指标在国际同行中处于遥遥领先,其中雪融奶昔机以其适用饮品的广谱性、精细的口感、高效节能和人性化操作更是获得多家国际上市饮品制造巨头认可和青睐,美科雪融奶昔机已成为法国HENESSY的柑曼怡鸡尾酒、意大利FABBRI的克林菲朵、澳大利亚FROSTY BOY酸奶等现调饮品的战略合作设备。 Corolla R&D team has spent two years in research and launch verification. A set of PLM product smart manufacturing and WEB management platform, which are used to coordinate with ERP, has been developed successfully, opening up a new era for the combined smart product manufacturing, smart service, Internet of Things, and big data of Corolla. In the same year, the company acquired several utility model patents and invention patents for WEB-based Refrigeration Equipment Full Life Cycle Smart Production and Maintenance System, A Cold Drink Equipment Output Barrel Structure, and A Utility New Mixing System. The application of multiple utility new technologies has enabled Corolla to lead cold drink machinery performances in the world. The broad spectrum, fine taste, high energy efficiency and user-friendly operation of “snow-melting” milk shake machine and the drinks have won the recognition and favor of multiple global drinks giants. The milk shake machine of Corolla has become the strategic equipment for French HENESSY Grand marnier cocktail, Italian FABBRI Cremafredda and Australian FROSTY BOY yogurt and other mixing drinks. 为实行产品的配套销售和向国际豪华五星级酒店提供高品质的冷柜,公司决定成立第三事业部--冷柜事业部,专业生产国际品质的欧式冷柜。为此,公司高层专程飞往韩国,前往知名的某冷柜制造公司进行实地考察,回国后着手冷柜事业部的场地规划和生产线设计以及星级酒店厨房所配套冷柜产品设计。 The company decided to establish the third business division — Freezer Division to complete the product category and offer high-quality freezers to international five-star hotels. The Freezer Division is going to produce European freezers with international quality. Therefore, the executives of the company flew to Korea by purpose to investigate one famous freezer manufacturer. After they returned to China, they began to plan the site and design the production line for Freezer Division with all freezers design for kitchens of high-class hotels. 科技精工 创造奇迹 Exquisite technology creates miracles 2014年6月,美科研发团队完成了星级酒店厨房所配套的各类冷柜产品设计和测试,并获得《一种采用独立制冷模组的冷柜》和《一种带电子膨胀阀的冷柜》等多项实用新型专利。 美科的冷柜首创采用了嵌入式独立制冷模组和带有电子膨胀阀的准变频制冷及控制技术,维护简易,在不同工作环境下制冷性能都能卓越、完美、低能耗,克服了毛细管工况适应性差且制冷过程不能精确控制的缺点。同年10月斥资1000多万元建成了国内第一条适应多品种和柜体采用直线发泡的21工位的全自动冷柜生产线并投产使用,每9分钟生产一台成品冷柜。 In June 2014, the R&D team of Corolla accomplished the design and test for different freezer products that are provided to kitchens of high-class hotels. Several utility model patents like A Refrigerator with Independent Refrigeration Module and A Refrigerator with Electronic Expansion Valve. Corolla took the lead to apply embedded independent refrigeration module and quasi variable frequency refrigeration and control technology with electronic expansion valve to its freezers, which are easy to maintain. It presents outstanding, perfect, low energy consumption in refrigeration performance in different environments and overcomes the poor adaptability of capillary tubes and shortcomings of inaccurate refrigeration process control. In October, the company invested RMB 10 million to build the first 21-station automatic freezer production line with multiple varieties and linear foam cabinet in China. It produces a finished freezer every 9 minutes. 智能美科 行业高度 Smart Corolla, Example of the Industry 2014年12月,美科智能技术有限公司和百年玻璃制品有限公司成功研发适应于镀膜ITO发热玻璃表面温度调节的控制系统,保证了展示柜的各个玻璃展示表面发热温度的一致性和可调性,这使得美科制造的展示柜不论在那种高湿的环境下都能有良好的展示效果,玻璃不会因为环境湿度高而起雾结露,攻克了连来自英国的某著名品牌都不能解决历史遗留的难题。 In December 2014, Corolla Smart Technology Co., Ltd. developed ITO thermal glass temperature regulating control system with Bainian Glass Co., Ltd. successfully to ensure the consistence and regulation of surface temperature of different glasses of the display cases, which made Corolla display cases extremely capable to display in highly humid environment. The glass will not have dew or fog even in humid environment, addressing the problem that even a famous British brand could not solve in the past. 由此美科冷冻、美科智能、百年玻璃组成的美科集团初具雏形。 From then on, Corolla Refrigeration, Corolla Smart, and Bainian Glass formed the initial shape of Corolla Group.   2015·美科 Corolla 2015 已经是一家拥有40多人的专业研发团队,大专以上高学历人才60几人,行业顶尖技术及管理人才数十人的国家级高新技术企业。企业秉承“科技引领未来”的精工理念,从管理到研发从技术到制造无不体现出一家现代高新技术企业的睿智光芒。 Corolla is a national high-tech enterprise with a professional R&D team with over 40 members, 60 well educated talents with college education or above, dozens of top technical and management talents of the industry. Upholding the philosophy of “science and technology leads the future”, the company has reflected the wisdom of a modern high-tech enterprise from R&D to technology and manufacturing. 办公及生产管理完全采用ERP包括MRP管理, 产品制造过程和售后服务过程开始采用PLM全生命周期智能制造和智能服务管理;企业自主研发的准变频制冷技术属行业独创;拥有国家级高性能和热能实验室;并先后获30多项实用新型和发明专利。 The office and production are managed by ERP, including MRP management, while the product manufacturing process and post-sales process are managed by PLM full life cycle smart manufacturing and service; the company has developed quasi variable frequency refrigeration technology independently, which is the first invention of the industry. In addition, the company has a national high performance and thermal energy lab and over 30 utility model and invention patents. 同时,美科,是唯一一家具备开发和制造电场、温度场、湿度场、压力场等各种控制系统的制造商,并采用物联网和大数据等ICT技术对产品制造过程和服役过程开始产品全生命周期智能制造和智能服务;也是唯一一家具备有商用制冷展示柜发热玻璃自主开发、切割、热弯、夹胶,中空的等玻璃深加工的制造商; Meanwhile, Corolla is the only manufacturer with capabilities in developing and manufacturing electric field, temperature field, moisture field, pressure field and other control systems. It adopts Internet of Things and big data and other ICT technologies to have full life cycle smart manufacturing and service during production and service process of the products. It is also the only manufacturer with capabilities in independent development, cutting, hot bending, lamination and hollow glass processing for thermal glass of commercial refrigeration display cases. 今天的美科拥有同行业最为先进的大功率光纤激光切割机及数控冲床及折弯等大型设备和中国独一无二的全自动直线发泡和混产冷柜生产线,全职生产性员工160人,年人员流动率低于2%,展示柜年产销10000台,冷饮机械年产销15000台,厨房冷柜年产销4000台,深加工玻璃年产销50000平米; Today, Corolla has the most advanced high-power fiber laser cutting machine, CNC punching machine, bending machine and other large equipment among peers, and the unique automatic linear foam and mixed refrigerator production line in China. It has 160 full-time production employees with less than 2% annual turnover rate. It produces and sells 10,000 sets of display cases, 15,000 sets of cold drink machines, 4,000 sets of kitchen freezers and 50,000 square meters of glass processing a year. 蛋糕展示柜销量连续9年保持中国出口第一, 出口全球80多个国家和地区,实现了企业创业之初的宏图,成为中国生产蛋糕展示柜之翘楚; The company has been ranked at the first place for cake display cases export in China for 9 consecutive years, which are exported to more than 80 countries and regions, realizing its grand planning at the beginning and becoming the leader in cake display cases in China. 冷饮机械尤其是雪融机和酸奶机,具备国际领先水平,已经成为中国高性能和高品质的雪融机代名词。 Cold drink machines, especially snow melting machine and yogurt machine, are of global leading level, which have become the pronoun of high-quality and efficient snow melting machine in China. 这些傲人的数字来自美科对未来的思考,用科技提升制造力,用创新提升品牌价值,只有这样的企业才有更好的未来,也只有这样,才能称得上是有社会高度的企业。 These impressive figures are from Corolla’s future thinking. It improves the manufacturing capacity with science and technology, and the value of brand with innovation. Only a company like Corolla can enjoy a better future; only a company like Corolla can be admired with positive social status.   这,就是美科  This is Corolla 感恩过去,思考未来! Be thankful to the past and considerate to the future!  

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